Friday, December 16, 2016

When You Are Not Looking!

With all the media coverage on the Chinese situation, a very important illustration of our common dilemma has slipped under the radar screen. Have you hear all the moaning over the Bush budget? Well, for those who disagree with the methods stated in the last 'View' Essay, The 'BUREAUCRATIC SYNDROME'; you have a wake up call from Congress. The countless cries that programs are actually being cut is music to my ears. Ten Departments will have a smaller budget next fiscal year, and those 'Lefty Libs' DemocRAT'S are whining like pigs. Several 'Grand Old' RepubCANT'S have join in this choir as well. All the time the dollar amount for this proposed budget will rise by almost eight percent. What do they all want, to break the TWO Trillion barrier?

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