Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sometimes Friends Know Best

How pompous those people are, who do they think they are, and why are they supporting a thug? Arrogance from a friend is very disappointing, they act like the Bonaparte family is running the country! Just who is this imperial dictator that’s sending that "Grand Army" to the far corners of the empire? Who wants that "Continental" economic system that places sanctions on countries that oppose us! Just what kind of a world is it - run by an emperor - what a betrayal to the "Revolution". One would think this guy is a madman, a pyramid worshipper, wants to rule the world and ram his law down all our throats! Have all those peasants lost sight of why they got rid of the King? Now they willingly let this fellow place a crown on his own head while the mob cheers! What’s next, a swift crash of monarchical punishment coming straight down on your head? It’s hard to believe what is taking place. Just what will happen to all our foreign colonies? Can you believe it, some are even talking about breaking away! The way this is going, we might see domestic terror reign again, this time from the hands of a fraternal despot . . .

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