Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Media Inducted into the Military

That nice-nellyism - S & A - is not even worth the print to spell out the letters. Let’s just call it for what it is: barf and gag! If you ever needed proof of “contrived reality”, just watch all those pretty boys riding high on top of a tank preaching the War Party line as the mechanized panzers shout - “Let’s Roll” . . . This place might be a desert, but the only fox in this wasteland is devouring the chickens - cooped inside a ring of slaughter by GPS ordinance. What a glorious day, celebrating the liberation of disapproving nomads, brought to you by the kvetchsfrom DreamWorks. Add in Lucas Films effects and you get the image that Darth Vader was targeting his laser-wands against the “sand people” to perfection. And all the time we were told they had their own death star? 

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